I just learnt that Christopher Tolkien, CT, died a few days ago. There is so much to say about Christopher but what can be said that can make the loss any better? There really isn't anything at all. When I read it my heart almost stopped.

I knew that it was coming but I did not know when and unfortunately it did happen on 16 January 2020 it seems it was, according to the tweet from the Tolkien Society (I tweeted a reply which I include at the end here).

I want to wish his family the best in this horrible time; the way it affects me is nothing compared to what they must be feeling but nevertheless it has a huge impact on me for Tolkien shaped my life just as much as he shaped Middle-earth (a reference to The Shaping of Middle-earth, volume four, of The History of Middle-earth, HoMe).

They say that fantasy ruins many people's lives but it was one of my saviours and verily Tolkien is a huge part of that. As I said in my tweet a true legend has left the world for the Halls of Mandos but he will for ever live in our spirits.

Bless you J.R.R. Tolkien and you too Christopher for all you did for the wonderful world within our world: for although many people do not know it Middle-earth actually was part of our world. The passing is a huge tragedy for not just Middle-earth but Earth and my heart grieves for all but above all for his family.

Little consolation it may be but know that he was well loved the world over and both Christopher and John are the stuff that legends are made of. I always wanted to thank Christopher but I knew he was a very private man and I have always and will always respect the wishes of others as best I know how.

But Christopher and John if I could thank you I would a thousand times over. Bless you and thank you both for ever for everything you brought to the world we have; for although Middle-earth was in our Earth it was still another world unlike ours and a world that gives me a joy unlike most anything else every time I read any book from it - and that is very often.

To the Tolkien family I wish you all the very best in this tragic, painful time. Bless you all.