Here I have memes about Middle-earth and the Legendarium. As of 10 July 2021 I have personally made over 1000 memes with a graphics editor (GIMP in particular); very few are Tolkien related but some are and I have some here. I have made some that I feel might not be appropriate for all audiences and I'm not sharing those.

Those that I have made (and I am not including them all and certainly not at this time) I will comment on; I will note the source of the others if I have one and I will comment on them too.

As everyone knows I'm not a fan of the films and many of the ones I have not made are of the film but I still consider them worthy of sharing (i.e. I laughed a lot or at least somewhat).

My own memes (Last updated: 11 July 2021)

Here are the memes of mine that I am sharing. I have made others and I will probably make more in the future but I don't know when I'll update this list.

The real Lake-town (Esgaroth) (New: 26 October 2020)

This I admit is mean of me; it's the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It's not the only meme I have made use of this tragic disaster. But it must be said that it works well: the town turned into a lake with homes on or in it.

Merry and Pippin fight in Mortal Kombat in Fangorn Forest (New: 16 March 2021)

Years ago I played all the Mortal Kombat games and I won them all with ease. But when I played again Mortal Kombat II and saw the living forest area I knew I had to take screenshots and so I did. The first time I was Sub-Zero against Sub-Zero but the other one I happened to play different characters (that I captured it when it said 'Fight!' I felt perfect). I felt that both Sub-Zero and Sub-Zero was more fitting as they're both of the same 'kind' but I like the other too.

My thinking about this meme is that here you have Treebeard pitting Merry and Pippin to fight each other. Of course in the book there's no such thing but a pun is a pun and I love puns and love to laugh.

Dragon in Middle-earth (or else Mount Etna?) (New: 24 March 2021)

The friend that shared this thought Mount Etna in 2019 looked like a dragon. I have another friend who thought it looked more like a phoenix. But I decided to change the Polish (and the friend confirmed I had it right) to say that there was a dragon in Middle-earth in 2019. That's what this is. This is the original:

ENT waiting room set up as an ent-house (New: 9 June 2021)

I was having a major problem hearing; everything was very badly muffled so I made an appointment with an ENT. When I walked into the waiting room I noticed this little table. I have joked before about seeing an ENT is meeting an Ent like Treebeard many times but when I saw this table that must be for children I of course thought of the hobbits Merry and Pippin. Then I noticed the drawings which seemed to fit the theme fairly well. Finally of course he didn't speak Entish because he's not really an Ent but that's good since it would have taken a very long time since they don't say anything in Entish unless it takes a long time to say.

The remains of an apple-tree Entwife (New: 29 June 2021)

I actually took this picture years ago but only made something with it last month, June 2021. The core with the holes and the apple seeds made me think of Ent eyes but more properly Entwives because they loved fruit and gardens etc.

Memes made by other people (New: 11 July 2021)

The below memes I did not make but I found funny enough to share.

Boromir 2020 New Years Orc Celebration

This of course is really mean but when I first saw it I burst into laughter and I still do. It's a classic. Still, poor Boromir... It was too sore of a trial for him but he at least died doing a good deed and as Gandalf said that Merry and Pippin were there was good for the sake of Boromir if nothing else (in fact later on there are good deeds by them too).

One does not simply Drive to Mordor

I saw this yesterday and I love it. It's very well done. I hate that quote from the film since it's not in the book at all; it's true it's not easy to walk into Mordor if you're an enemy of the Enemy but Sam in fact did and the point of the Company was to not arouse suspicion: they had to go in small numbers and not battle. Battle would have ended in disaster and it nearly did anyway: if Sauron had been more careful he might have recaptured the Ring. But still this is a clever meme and very funny.

Boromir funeral boat stuck in Suez Canal

Of course we all know that there was a ship stuck in the Suez Canal for several days and there were many memes about it. I made one as well but this is the Middle-earth one I know of and I quite love it. It's clever and beautiful.

Frodo's task

In fact Tolkien explains in a Letter that nobody - not even Sauron - could have destroyed the Ring in Sammath Naur. Those who say of course Sauron wouldn't do it, it'd reduce him to an impotent shadow never able to threaten Middle-earth again, are missing the point he made. The point here though is that although funny Frodo couldn't have resisted it there especially after all that time bearing the One Ring.

Tolkien's 'real' name

I saw this on Twitter but the person who tweeted it did not know the origin so I didn't see the point in saving the tweet in the screenshot; instead I just saved the image to my phone. I love it though. It's really funny to me.

The bacon is lit, Gondor calls for aid

Of course this is based on the film and totally inaccurate: of course Gondor had the beacons lit and they sent for help from Rohan too. But this is a great pun anyway and well done.

Frodo wedding Ring-bearer

Funny and cute. Of course even if this is how it happened in the book Aragorn would never say something like this. But it's a funny thing to say nonetheless, I think and I know many other people do too.

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